Attorney at law Christian Dalgaard Sanning – part of new debt collection panel

We are proud to present that our colleague, Attorney at Law Christian Dalgaard Sanning, has been admitted to the Danish Debt Collection Agency panel of lawyers. The panel consists of 277 lawyers spread across the country’ jurisdictions, who will be curating bankruptcy cases, where the public sector is owed money.

The Danish debt collection Agency’s panel of lawyers

The panel was established in February 2019 to create more transparency in cooperation with lawyers in the 1000 cases that initiates every year. The rising amount of cases reflect a new effort from the Danish Debt Collection Agency, where it acts earlier in the process of recovering debt from companies. This strategy brought in 2,5 billion DKK just last year from companies with debt.

In order to be admitted in the Danish Debt Collection Agency panel of lawyers, it is required to have multiple years of experience with curating bankruptcy cases through independent work as an attorney at law.

Christians legal background

Christian has since 2009, where he passed the Bar, worked extensively with insolvencies on every level. He has led a series of principal revocation proceedings, for example the Phoenix-cases, that concerned the application of foreign courts revocation rules against Danish creditors. This question had not been raised in Danish courts since 1919.

Christian is also a member of the International Insolvency Institute, which is a limited-member non-profit organization for the worlds most experienced and respected lawyers, academics, judges and financial industry professionals in the field of insolvency law. The organization’s purpose is to create a better international cooperation in border-crossing insolvency cases and is granted special consultancy status to the UN.

In addition to his law career Christian has been a tutor and external lecturer in property law III (debt enforcement) in the Faculty of Law at the University of Copenhagen.

Christian is a certified lawyer of insolvency in the association of Danish insolvency attorneys (Danske Insolvensadvokater).

Christian Dalgaaard Sanning

Certified Insolvency-lawyer
M.: +45 40534583





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