Real Estate, Construction & Tender

LEAD | Rödl & Partner has expertise within tenancy law, as well as residential- and business lease, financing of real estate and related areas such as mortgages and foreclosures, and has many years of experience in various corporate law constructions related to the development and acquisition of real estate.

In addition, we advise on the development of real estate, including the relationship with the public authorities regarding plans, utilities, right of way, expropriation etc.

LEAD | Rödl & Partner advise Danish and foreign bidders as well as contracting entities and their advisors on all aspects of national and EU procurement law, see also Procurement.

LEAD | Rödl & Partner has expertise within a wide range of areas related to real estate and construction. We therefore both advise on large portfolio sales of real estate and on matters related to local planning authorities – as well as everything in between. Our clients are both companies and private persons.

More specifically LEAD | Rödl & Partner’s competences within Real Estate, Construction & Procurement are:

Purchase and sale of real estate

Purchase Agreements
Due diligence
Parcelling out
Mortgages and other financing

Lease Law

Lease Agreements, commercial lease
Termination and relocation
Rent Adjustment
Shopping malls
Residential leases

Construction Contracts

Construction Contracts
Technical consultancy agreements
Authorities – planning legislation and building permissions
Building construction and delivery – delay and defects
Finance and collateralization


See Procurement

Real Estate Development

Construction and technical consultancy contracts
Planning issues
Supply systems
Expropriation issues
Pollution issues


Property and portfolio finance
See also Bank & Finance

 (owners’ flats and co-operative housing)

Rooftop apartments and other construction projects
Financially unstable co-operatives and bankruptcy