1. The law firm LEAD Rödl & Partner

The law firm LEAD Rödl & Partner, CVR no. 32321488, provides legal services in close cooperation with the client. The scope of the services may be adjusted at all times. Our terms of business apply to all services and matters that we undertake, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
Information on LEAD Rödl & Partner, which in accordance with section 13 of the ethical rules of the Danish Bar Association needs to be available to the client, can be found on our website www.lead- roedl.dk, in particular here: https://lead-roedl.dk/en/english-legal-notice-disclaimer/.

2. Conflict of Interest

Upon receipt of a matter, we will investigate whether there exists a conflict of interest or other reason which prevents us from assisting in the matter. If we are prevented from assisting in the matter, or if we later come in such situation, we will be happy to assist in referring the client to another counsel.

3. Client information and money Laundering, sanctioned parties or reporting of investments

LEAD Rödl & Partner is subject to the rules of the Danish Act on Measures to Prevent Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism, acts and regulations regarding export control and sanctioned parties, the DAC6-reporting requirements to relevant authorities in case of certain cross-border transactions or arrangements as well as the EU’s Mandatory Disclosure Requirement-directive etc. In this regard, we are under an obligation to obtain information concerning our clients, including information on the ultimate beneficial owner of the client, as well as being obliged to confidentially inform the relevant authorities if and when applicable.

4. Client funds

All client funds are deposited in segregated client accounts with our bank and are held according to the applicable rules. All client accounts are kept in DKK, why foreign currency is exchanged to DKK. All gains or losses in this regard accrue to the client. Interest accrued (positive and negative) accrues to the client pursuant to the applicable rules.

5. Fees

LEAD Rödl & Partner´s fees for legal services are determined on the basis of an overall assessment of the circumstances of the matter. The assessment takes into consideration the time spent on the matter, the scope, complexity and nature of the work, including the level of expertise required, the values and responsibility involved in the matter, the importance of the matter to the client and the results achieved as well as if the matter was of urgency. The partner responsible for the matter ensures that the fee is reasonable.
Upon request we will provide a reasoned estimate of our fee for legal services before any task is undertaken. If it is difficult to provide an estimate, we will inform the client of the criteria upon which the fee will be calculated, such as the hourly rates. We will notify the client if we subsequently expect that the estimate will be exceeded.
Before we undertake any tasks for clients that are considered consumers, we will inform them of the expected fee or the criteria on which our fee is calculated.

6. Disbursements

All external costs and expenses incurred in connection with the matter are invoiced on a regular basis. External costs and expenses include travelling costs and expenses for accommodation and food, as well as certain photo-copying, translation, telephone or postage and courier costs and expenses.

7. Advance payment

We may request advance payment of fees for legal services or disbursements before commencing or continuing any work. Any such amounts are paid into a segregated client account. All accrued interest is credited to the client in accordance with the applicable rules. Advance payments are used to settle fees or disbursements, unless otherwise agreed.

8. Invoicing

All matters are invoiced on a monthly basis, unless agreed otherwise. Matters of a shorter duration can be invoiced upon completion. Our terms of payment are 8 calendar days from the date of invoice. Foreign clients are granted 14 calendar days from the date of invoice. Default interest will be charged in accordance with the Danish Interest Act. VAT is added to the invoice in accordance with the applicable rules.

9. Confidentiality

As lawyers we are subject to a duty of confidentiality. All information is treated as confidential unless the circumstances dictate otherwise or if we as lawyers are obliged by law to disclose information.

10. Insider rules

Partners and employees of LEAD Rödl & Partner are subject to internal rules in accordance with current legislation prohibiting the disclosure of inside information regarding listed companies and restricting trade in listed securities.

11. Use of our legal services

LEAD Rödl & Partner’s legal services are exclusively rendered to our client and may not be relied upon by any third party without our consent.

12. Completion of our work and our document archives

Original documents are usually handed over no later than on the completion of our work. All other documents relating to the matter are kept on file for five years from the date of invoice.

13. Liability and insurance

LEAD Rödl & Partner exclusively advises on Danish law, unless otherwise agreed with the client. We are liable for the advice rendered to our clients according to the general rules of Danish law, and we are insured with a reputable insurance company as per the information available from time to time on our website.
The law firm’s liability in connection with the services provided to the clients cannot exceed five times the total fees paid by the client to the law firm in relation to the specific engagement to which a claim by the client may be referred.
The law firm’s liability does not include liability for any indirect or consequential damages or losses including, but not limited to, operating loss, time lost and internal costs, legal or other external advisors’ fees, loss of profits, loss of data, loss of goodwill or any other indirect or consequential damages or losses.
In no event shall the individual employees or partners of the law firm be held personally liable for any claims. LEAD Rödl & Partner is not liable for any errors committed by other advisors or sub-contractors whom we, upon agreement with the client, have asked to assist or to whom LEAD Rödl & Partner has referred the client.

14. Complaints, disputes and claims including being time-barred

LEAD Rödl & Partner is subject to the rules of the Danish Bar Association concerning complaints pertaining to our services and fees.
If a client is not satisfied with our services or fees, the client is urged to contact the responsible partner with a view to reaching an amicable solution.

If an amicable solution cannot be reached, the client has access to filing a complaint with the Danish Bar Association of the following address:
Advokatnævnets Sekretariat
Kronprinsessegade 28
1306 København K
Email: klagesagsafdelingen@advokatsamfundet.dk
Website: https://www.xn--advokatnvnet-edb.dk/

All claims for damages are time-barred within 3 years from the time of provision of the services in question, however if the client is not a consumer, a claim becomes time-barred 12 months after the services have been undertaken.
Accordingly, the client should assess the services rendered upon receipt of the services and any claims must be notified to us without undue delay upon the client becoming aware or should have become aware of a possible claim against us as the claim is otherwise agreed to be forfeited by the client.

15. Governing law and jurisdiction

Any dispute between a client and LEAD Rödl & Partner shall be settled in accordance with material Danish law (excluding the choice of law-rules) and may only be brought before the Danish courts in accordance with the Danish Administration of Justice Act.