LEAD | Rödl & Partner is a law firm, which operates internationally. At LEAD | Rödl & Partner, we are always looking for ambitious employees who wish to work in a challenging international environment. We value diversity, that characterizes the business of the company.

We provide advice to clients both nationally and internationally and we are partners with Rödl & Partner, which has offices in more than 50 countries. The international aspect is a large part of LEAD | Rödl & Partner, and we have employees with cultural backgrounds from countries other than Denmark. The employees represent a significant strength in our company and therefore we believe that each employee is part of the company’s identity.


Working with us

We set high standards to ourselves and our employees. Therefore, we will also set high standards for you, if you wish to become a part of LEAD | Rödl & Partner. We work in four main languages – Danish, English, German and French. In addition, we also have clients and employees who works in Italian, Spanish and Russian. We want to provide the best advice to our clients, in their own comfortable zone. However, it is not a requirement that you have several language skills.

At LEAD | Rödl & Partner we organize several events every year that contribute to a strong social community. We have a casual corporate culture that allows for independence and responsibility.


Are you interested?

Do you want to join us?

We are looking for 1-2 law students who want to join the team at the law firm LEAD I Rödl & Partner. Read more here.

If you believe that LEAD |Rödl & Partner would be the right place for you, please send an application to Alexandra Huber at We are always looking for employees who can shape the company’s identity in the right way, and we therefore especially focus on good academic results, language skills and determination.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Alexandra Huber at +45 5116 7494