Dispute Resolution

LEAD | Rödl & Partner advises on and assists with dispute resolutions within numerous areas. It is LEAD | Rödl & Partner’s experience that the majority of all disputes can be resolved with amicable settlements between the parties. LEAD | Rödl & Partner therefore offers assistance in connection with alternative dispute resolution through controlled dialogue, establishment and handling of a steering committee in projects, or establishment of a dispute resolution board between the parties.

Furthermore LEAD | Rödl & Partner assists you with filing of cases with the relevant complaint boards, e.g. The Danish Complaint Board for Public Procurement, The Danish Complaint Board of Banking Services and the Construction Board of Appeal. Moreover LEAD | Rödl & Partner assists you with the appointment of a technical expert acting as an independent, skilled expert and with the execution of out-of-court expert opinions by a skilled, independent expert appointed by the courts.

LEAD | Rödl & Partners lawyers have extensive litigation experience and represent Danish and Foreign companies with mediation by private advisors or institutions, including mediation by the courts. LEAD | Rödl & Partner assists with law suits brought before the ordinary courts and before Arbitration Boards, including the Danish Institute of Arbitration (Copenhagen) and International Courts of Arbitration.



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