Public Law

Pursuit of business activities and purchase of real estate and agreements with public bodies are more or less regulated by public law, including EU and competition law. LEAD | Rödl & Partner advises Danish and foreign companies on all aspects of public law, in particular in the following areas:

Public Private Cooperation

LEAD | Rödl & Partner advice on Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Public-Private Collaboration (PPC) and Public-Private partnership in Innovation (PPI).

Administrative law

Public administration authorities are subject to a variety of different sets of rules, many of which are based on practice and thus not regulated by law. The understanding of these rules is often difficult. We advise on those rules and their understanding

Municipal law

The so called “Municipal proxy”, which is the basis for municipal’s non-statutory tasks can be difficult to work with in practice. We advise on the municipal authorities’ possibilities to act legally with respect to the “Municipal proxy”, as to law regulated areas..

Planning law

Establishment of business and the utilization of real estate is very largely governed by public plans. We advise to ensure that established regulatory requirements are legal, including that the applicable administrative requirements are met as well as to the meaning and understanding of the plans content.

Competition law 

Corporate contracts and market approach is regulated by different competition rules, both national and EU law. We advise on these competitive regulatory frameworks.

Procurement law 

Procurement law is still developing. We advise both suppliers and bidders concerning public tenders, be it the EU procurement or national tenders. Please refer to the description given in our practice area: procurement.

EU law

EU law regulates both public and commercial law and takes very often precedence over national law. We advise on the EU legal regulatory’s significance for both public and commercial law.