International Civil Law and Civil Procedure Law (Cross-Border Matters)

Regardless of whether you act as a private person or on behalf of a business, you will face new challenges when coming to another country. This is also true for legal matters as questions cannot be answered by merely looking to the familiar law of your home-country. When, for instance, will a French company be subject to Danish jurisdiction? Can I enforce the title retention validly agreed under German law upon a Danish buyer? And what kind of foreign judgements will Danish courts acknowledge?

Based upon our solid experience abroad and working with international legal matters, LEAD | Rödl & Partner’s attorneys have an exceptional high expertise in relation to international civil law and international civil procedure law. We work with international matters on a daily basis and are regularly faced with the questions on the applicable law and jurisdiction. Also when drafting international contracts, it is important to bear in mind the interaction between the laws of the different nations in order to achieve the best result for our clients.

Likewise, we have in-depth experience with the acknowledgment and enforcement of foreign judgments, having been rendered both in other EU countries and in countries outside of EU.

LEAD | Rödl & Partner’s attorneys also act as trustees on international inheritance estates and bridge the gap between the at times very different legal systems of the countries in questions. Further we have a wide experience drafting wills using wording to ensure that the results will be met, even if you possess assets abroad, or you wish to move abroad in future.

LEADS international expertise

LEAD | Rödl & Partner’s attorneys have various language and cultural backgrounds and are with that mostly able to advice the clients in their own language. We always keep in mind the cultural and legal background of the clients when advising. We are able to give our legal advice in Danish, English, German and French.

Together with our partner Rödl & Partner we are able to offer advice in 50 countries all over the world – and in all languages.