LEAD | Rödl & Partner advises Danish and Foreign companies as well as contracting entities and their advisors on all arising matters within national and EU public procurement law and procurement processes.

We assist in all phases of the procurement process, starting with the planning of the initial strategy and the application for prequalification, evaluation of the tender material and the draft of the tender. We ensure that the tender is in compliance with the tender conditions and the applicable regulations.

We provide project specific assistance and we wish to be an integral part of the project team from the beginning to end. After the awarding of the contract we assist you in establishing the project organization, in negotiating the agreements with your subcontractors, and we also help you with contract management and project management.

We always implement employment- and tax-related issues in our services, and we are experienced when negotiating agreements on consortia and joint ventures.

Furthermore LEAD| Rödl & Partner assesses the validity of the tender process and discusses possibilities to dispute the decision of the contracting entity, including requests for access to documents. We also represent our clients before the Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement.



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Avocate, Associée

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